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TPC's Director of Technology, Antonio Marin, wanted to upgrade TPC's data center infrastructure to align with the company's growth. IT plays a critical role in supporting TPC's business processes around chemical manufacturing, customer service, financial visibility and product development. Marin had a laser focus on improving the company's servers, and reducing risk with better data reliability and business continuity and disaster recovery (BC/DR) systems.

"We had in the past been stacking our technologies," says Marin. "We added power and plugs each year, but the systems weren't aligned. We wanted to design the architecture and build the infrastructure for the future." The goal was to improve services without increasing operational costs, including headcount.

TPC put out a request for proposal, and Marin emphasized the importance of the business environment and the technology working together.

In the end, Marin's team chose Forsythe to implement the infrastructure upgrade.

Forsythe Account Manager Gus Alvarez and Forsythe's Director of Technology Solutions, Bob Gardner (with compute, storage and network architects), led the project.
"We looked at the organization holistically," says Gardner, "We wanted to give TPC an enterprise class infrastructure. It was like building a Lego block system. We weren't tearing down their IT, we were adding to enhance their systems."

"We started with servers and BC/DR," says Alvarez, "But we ended up bringing some partners to the table that could help offer TPC a more complete solution."

Alvarez and Gardner helped architect, build, procure and implement a converged architecture platform for TPC, which included new servers, network, security and BC/DR technology. Forsythe virtualized more than 100 servers and 59 terabytes of data.

As a second phase to the project, Forsythe also upgraded the company's IP telephony system from three separate point solutions into one, which offered conferencing and voicemail-to-email capabilities.

"Forsythe helped us by leveraging their buying power and partnerships," said Marin. "It was fantastic. They cared enough to give TPC a full solution – beyond what I asked for – and within my budgetary constraints. On top of that, they had a strong team of consultants to architect solutions and help us with deliverables. They're a true "one-stop-shop".

TPC operates today with an enterprise class infrastructure. Due to virtualization, TPC's data center footprint shrank by 75%. The company also now has computational growth capacity of 100% without any need to add staff. Data reliability is 99.9%, up from 94%, and the IT team has 30% more time to focus on strategy, instead of fixing infrastructure issues.

"Looking at TPC's technology environment," says Gardner, "They have now standardized, virtualized and converged their infrastructure. When they are ready to take the next step toward automating, they can."

"We are a much more proactive and productive organization today," says Marin. "From an IT perspective, Forsythe helped us transform from operations to strategy. And they did it all seamlessly. Our employees didn't know. And our customers never missed a beat. Forsythe gave us the unified platform. They worked with us as partners, side by side. I truly could not have asked for more."

"Listening is always so important with a client," says Alvarez. "Our goal was to make a big difference, not a small one. We built trust together and it led to an unmatched partnership where we all won."